Have any national publications featured or reviewed Go-Blankets™?

Go-Blankets™ were endorsed by the editors of Outside Magazine's The Best Gear for the Millennium, Parenting, The New York Times, Outside's Family Vacations, American Baby, Mothering, Fit Pregnancy, Babytalk, and Men's Health, among others.

On the web, Go-Blankets™ were featured at Momtrends, Women's Health, FabulousFoods.com, ePregnancy.com, ON Magazine, Momscape.com, Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous, The Funky Monkey, and Frugal Mommy.

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What guarantee does a Go-Blanket have?

We guarantee our Go-Blankets without reservation. If you are not satisfied with your Go-Blanket when you receive it, or if it does not perform to your satisfaction, return it to us for an exchange, credit, or refund.

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Okay, its waterproof lining is breathable, so what?

Go-Blankets are terrific to bundle up in — they're not muggy underneath and stiff, the way that non-breathable waterproof blankets are. Lightweight and supple, the Picnic Go-Blanket™ makes a cozy outer layer on your bed on cooler nights.

The Go-Blanket's laminated Teflon waterproof/breathable lining will not wash out or lose its waterproof performance over time, as long as you follow our easy care recommendations. We've heard from several of our customers who purchased over ten years ago, reporting that their Go-Blankets still look and work great.

This stands in contrast to inexpensive, non-breathable fabrics such as coated ripstop, which start leaking after as few as twenty washings, according to the fabric manufacturers themselves.

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Why should I buy a Go-Blanket?

This is a case where you get what you pay for. Only one can be The Best, and The Go-Blanket™ is it. Our blankets have more cost (and value) in materials alone, not even including the cost to manufacture, than other waterproof blankets' entire price. Go-Blankets are often imitated, never equaled.

One of our customers tried one of the less expensive, non-breathable waterproof blankets on her bed at night — she said it was like trying to sleep under a doormat! On cooler nights she now sleeps comfortably under her Large Picnic Go-Blanket.

Go-Blankets™ are unmatched for their combination of premium quality materials and construction, their long-lasting superior performance and comfort, their ease of maintenance, and their multitude of uses. We use only Polartec® (formerly Malden Mills) Polarfleece®, the highest quality fleece available. Other fleece starts "pilling" (making fuzz balls) and shedding from the first time you wash it. Genuine Polartec fleece plus the supple, breathable, waterproof nylon lining make an unbeatable combination.

Go-Blankets are definitely the BMW or the Mercedes of blankets. They're made for people that want mountaineering-grade equipment, with that level of commitment to quality, performance, durability, and attention to detail.

Buying a Go-Blanket is an investment in outdoor gear that you will use and love for years to come. Read what our customers say about Go-Blankets™ — they love 'em!

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How can we reach you?

If you have a question, call us at (415) 485-4325.

Our mailing address is PO Box 2864, San Anselmo, CA 94979.

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Is embroidery available?

Yes. Please send us an email for a quote. Embroidery works best for larger orders, around five units or more. Since Go-Blankets are made from two separate pieces of fabric, embroidered projects are cut and sewn on a custom basis.

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How do you ship?

Shipping is included in the price of your Go-Blanket. Delivery is typically 4 to 10 business days within the contiguous 48 states. We usually ship your order within 1-2 business days.

Priority Mail® usually takes 3-4 days anywhere in the USA.

Purchase Amount Standard 4-10 day Priority Mail®
Up to $50.00  $0.00  $10.00
$50.01-$95.00  $0.00 $15.00
$95.01-$150.00  $0.00 $22.00
$150.01-$300.00  $0.00 $40.00
Over $300.00  $0.00 $65.00

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What sizes and patterns are available?

View Go-Blanket™ Colors and Styles.

Blue Plum is a medium purple, available in Toddler and Large Toddler with Charcoal lining, and in Hiker, Large Hiker, Picnic, and Large Picnic with Black lining.

Deep Ivy (dark green) is available in Toddler with Charcoal lining, and Hiker, Large Hiker, Picnic, and Large Picnic, with Navy lining.

Bordeaux (burgundy) is available in Toddler and Large Toddler with Charcoal lining, and in Hiker, Large Hiker, Picnic, and Large Picnic with Black lining.

Navy is available in Toddler and Large Toddler with Charcoal lining, and in Hiker, Large Hiker, Picnic, and Large Picnic, with Black lining.

Mocha is a medium dark brown, available in all sizes, with Black lining.

Cappuccino is a beautiful tan, available in Toddler, Hiker, Large Hiker, Picnic, and Large Picnic, with Black lining.

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How much are they?

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Is my information safe with you?

Your privacy is an unalienable right. We do not distribute your personal information or email address, other than to process your order. Our shopping cart uses state of the art Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to prevent anyone from intercepting your information during transmission.

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What care does a Go-Blanket require?

Machine wash in warm or cool water, use powdered detergent, no bleach. Set your dryer to medium temperature or cooler, remove promptly when dry. We don't recommend dry cleaning your Go-Blanket. Don't use fabric softeners, and don't iron.

To keep the Polartec fleece the softest, skip the dryer and line dry your Go-Blanket.

With reasonable care, your Go-Blanket will give you many, many years of enjoyment and top-quality performance.

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Are Go-Blankets fireproof?

Polartec Polarfleece and our waterproof/breathable nylon lining are naturally flame resistant — both fabrics shrink back when in proximity to a flame. Polartec Polarfleece is widely used for children's sleepwear.

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Why are they called Go-Blankets?

They're For Families on the Go!™

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What does Eclogue mean?

An eclogue is a poem about nature.


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